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Letter from the Commodore

It is an honor to be your 34th Commodore.  My goals are simple, to ensure the club is enjoyable for our members in 2015 and that the club is positioned to be around another 56 years for future members.

The Ocean City Marlin & Tuna Club combines our members passion for fishing while providing the ability for members to embrace their competitive spirit.

While our club has a rich history our heritage comes from members who every year bring their enthusiasm, integrity, generosity and camaraderie.  The members are the reason our club has endured for the past 56 years.

Everyone has memories of great fishing runs as well as those runs when the fish seemed to be everywhere but in your boat.  The club enables us to enrich these memories by recognizing & celebrating these moments with others.

Some join to compete, others join because they like being part of a long standing tradition, and yet others join because of the social events, so whatever your reason welcome and please take part in the tournaments and social events our committees have worked so hard to organize and plan for the 2015 season.

Finally, I thought the following quote seemed to capture the eternal optimism of every fisherman at the beginning of every season: “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago” – Zane Grey

Baron Schlachter – Commodore


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