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OCMTC 2013 Tournament Schedule

2013 Overnight Billfish Tournament Final Results: Grand Prizes: 1st Place – Trust Me Too – 477 points 2nd Place – Viking 70 – 307 points 3rd Place: Polarizer – 237 points Billfish Releases:  1st Place: Polarizer 3 Releases 2nd Place: … Continue reading

A Message From The Commodore

Dear Club Members:

Welcome to the 54th season of the Ocean City Marlin & Tuna Club!

I am proud to be involved with a collegial group of people that share a similar passion for fishing, conversation, boating and camaraderie.  We have been a very successful club, unlike any other area fishing club, due to the commitment of our membership.  We are stictly a volunteer based Club and it is these volunteers that have invested time and energy into service for the Club and it’s members.

Since we last gathered in 2012 the arena in which we carry out the Club activities, Ocean City and the surrounding area, has changed.  Hurricane Sandy provided us with the reminder that Mother Nature will have her way at any time and any place.  No matter how much we protect our treasured coastline and safeguard our property, we are subject to what Mother Nature deals.  An important lesson as we leave our port in search of trophy fish.

We will be cleaning up and rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Sandy for quite some time.  We, as a Club, will learn to adapt to provide a level of activities, both in search of fishing records and friendship, that we are accustomed to enjoying.  Rebuilding also provides opportunities to change the way we do things; challenge the status quo, develop new leadership and programs, and prepare for the future.  The time is now to rebuild. The time is now to get involved.

I first joined the Club almost 35 years ago.  I have wonderful memories of fishing in Club tournaments with my Dad and my three brothers and making new friends along the way.  Now, with children of my own, we carry on those same traditions.  Every year my family and I make new friends and create lifetime memories thanks to getting involved in Club activities.

Our Club is built on the hard work of volunteers.  Every day I think to myself how lucky we are to have such generous and wonderful people.  I am proud of the the work they do, I am proud of our membership, and I am proud to be your Commodore for the 2013 season.

Best of luck. Be safe,



Rob McMurray


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