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A Message From The Commodore

Dear Club Members:

I am honored to be the Commodore of our great club as we enter our 55th season, one that promises to be better than ever!  In my 2013 Commodore’s message I wrote about our opportunities to change the way we do things and to develop new leaders within the Club.  I am thrilled to tell you now that new leaders have stepped up to help us improve what the Club has to offer and our hard working volunteers have developed an exciting calendar of events for 2014.

The Club has provided me with great memories for almost 35 years.  Fishing and socializing with family and friends are the memories I treasure the most.  I hope you take advantage of what the Club has to offer this summer.  I think you will find the changes to our tournaments and our new social offerings to be fulfilling and worth the time to get involved.

Our 2014 fishing calendar starts with a new one-day tournament, the Family Challenge, providing an opportunity to compete individually and to team with members of your family for prizes and awards.  Some of our favorite tournaments have been improved with new formats designed to encourage greater participation and more competition.  The Bluefish Tournament is now extended for select days throughout four weeks in May and June.  The Flounder Tournament now includes the opportunity to compete and celebrate with our friends at the Ocean City Yacht Club and the Striper Tournament will offer Club members the ability to compete in separate divisions for fishing in Ocean City and Cape May.

The Social Committee has been hard at work creating new events for Club members to gather away from the dock. The Club has historically provided fun offerings for social activities and this year’s schedule promises to provide refreshing opportunities to forge new friendships with other Club members.

One thing is certain; this Club is great because of our members!  I encourage you to participate in Club activities as much as you can, to try something new, to take someone fishing for the first time: a coworker, friend, family member, or even more importantly, take a kid fishing.  I assure you, it’s worth it!  Everyone involved will remember these moments for a lifetime.

Enjoy the 2014 season.  Make the most of what the Club has to offer and create life-long memories.  Above all, good luck, have fun, and be safe!


Rob McMurray


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